About Us

Tulips, quick question..... Have we met yet?! Do you know the founders of your favorite boutique? Well, get to know us below!


Hello everyone, I am LaKeya Jackson. I am currently working in the healthcare field and I have a passion for encouraging and motivating women. My goal for this boutique is to continue to motivate women to be themselves while challenging them to try new clothing items. New clothes can begin the process of healing and empowerment that some women never knew they could experience.

As a women who had to find her inner passion for fashion, I know that is can be challenging. Seeing that I am a Curvy Tulip myself I know that presenting your fashion style can be worrisome. That is why I am here to advocate for all women.

Try on that new dress, wear the shirt. Put worry and fear in a box and kick it out of your life. Watch me style our beautiful chic items. Believe me, if I can do, so can you. 

I would love to connect with you Tulips on a much more personal level. If you want to follow me on Instagram: LaKeya_jackson see you around the garden. 


Hey hey 👋🏽 My name is Kourtney Jones and I am excited that you are here! I am a single mother of two boys. Their future and the impact that they will make in their lifetime means the world to me. I want to leave behind a legacy that will help them and the generations that follow. I’ve been in retail management for over 10 years and I love every aspect of it! I love building that bond and trust between clients. Haute Tulip is my passion. I love how LaKeya and I have already began building this brand that empowers women. Yes, we sell the cutest clothes at amazing prices, but we are steadily creating this community of women. I love seeing women being uplifted and creating goals. And I can’t wait to meet you and so many other ladies!